Singleplayer Showdown: New Bot Brawlers & Set 3 Release on the Horizon at!

Singleplayer Showdown: New Bot Brawlers & Set 3 Release on the Horizon at!

Gather your wits and your decks, champions, because 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic' is upping the ante in the singleplayer arena! Our latest update isn’t just a tweak; it’s a full-on summoning of the most cunning AI opponents this side of the Otherworld. Plus, mark your calendars for January 21st, 2024, when Set 3 drops, bringing fresh champions to the fray!

Meet Your New Rivals

Our bot brawlers have been outfitted with meticulously curated decks, designed to challenge and refine your strategies. Here's the roll call of the new guardians of the grid:

  • Ooga Soaker 69,000: Drenched in the might of the Ooga Meta, prepare for a RUSH of tactics.
  • Blizztard The Great: A chilling strategist wielding the Blizzard Meta, this bot is a cold-hearted foe that will freeze you in your tracks.
  • Duncecap Dexter: Dark/Death meta is Dexter's playground, where every move brings you closer to the underworld.
  • Miss Purr: With 7x shadegeists in her arsenal, Miss Purr is a spectral force not to be underestimated.
  • Value Shopper 420: This value rush deck is all about high impact at low cost—get ready for an economic onslaught.
  • Nort the Destroyer: 'NORTI HEAVY' is the name of the game, and Nort is the reigning champion.
  • Sir Flamus Maximus: Feel the heat of the Inferno/Fire heavy deck and see if you can withstand the burn.
  • Marty McWhirlwind: Get swept up in the chaos of a Whirlwind heavy deck that leaves no card unturned.

Rewards Worth Battling For

Beat the bots, and bragging rights won’t be the only thing you’ll earn. We’re rolling out proper rewards for defeating these boss decks prior to Gen 3. The spoils of victory have never been sweeter—or more strategic. Stay tuned as we unveil the treasures that await in the singleplayer spoils.

Set 3 Champions: A New Era Begins

But that's not all. Coming January 21st, 2024, Set 3 will arrive with a cavalcade of new champions. Each one brings a unique blend of power and potential to your deck-building strategies and gameplay dynamics.

Why Dive into Singleplayer?

  • Refine Your Strategy: Test and perfect your tactics against AI opponents that bring real meta challenges.
  • Prepare for PvP: Use singleplayer to prepare for our daily tournaments and leaderboard battles.
  • Earn Exclusive Rewards: Defeating our curated bot decks will soon yield rewards that enhance your gameplay and collection.

Embrace the Challenge

Are you ready to take on the might of 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic's' latest singleplayer update? The arena awaits, with new decks, new challenges, and new rewards. And remember, the arrival of Set 3 is just around the corner—new champions are ready to be summoned by those brave enough to wield them.

Join us at to test your mettle against our new lineup of singleplayer adversaries and to prepare for the monumental release of Set 3. It's time to duel!

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Jamie Larson