The Buzzword is "New"!

The newest digital collectable card game enters the new year with daily and weekly tournaments that are FREE to enter, and pay CASH!

The Buzzword is "New"!
Season TWO started on January 1st! New collectable cards are within your reach!

Today in "The Deck", the buzzword is NEW!

The "year" isn't the only thing new, as Champions of Otherworldly Magic introduces new cards, new game modes, new brawlers, and more to its January schedule. 

The excitement is real both in-game and in Discord as the new year brings new surprises and challenges to Champions TCG. 

We talked last week about the new collection, and a solid date has been announced for the launch! Put a big ❎ on your calendars on January 21st, when Set 3 drops, bringing fresh NEW champions and challenges into the mix!

Personally, I'm excited to see what the new cards bring. On the other hand, since I started when Gen1 was introduced I always felt I had a bit of an advantage over players who started playing after Gen1 sold out. 

That "advantage" disappears when a whole new generation of players will have the opportunity at a low cost to even the playing field. Save your shekels and be ready to tighten up your deck on the 21st! 

Speaking of shekels... daily and weekend tournament players are NOW earning extra gems to put towards gen2 or the new card packs. You don't need to be in the top few spots to earn cash or gems, so get in on the daily and weekend tournaments. They're free to join!

You can see both the daily and weekend tournament schedules posted in Discord

We just started Season 2 on January 1st! Come & PLAY!

The TOP 100 players on the leaderboard for Season 1 will be airdropped the special cards shown above. These are rare and highly wanted (and tradable!) cards... both powerful in game, and with artwork that will never be duplicated. 

If you missed out on grabbing any of these in season one, NOW is the time to polish up your mouse and win some in SEASON TWO! Go to and click "PLAY"!

Feel like you need a little help or pointers? Just ask... the community is friendly, helpful, and chatty!

Checkout the New Single Player Mode and Brawlers!

Finally, there are NEW single-player modes that are being plugged in this month! No longer will you waft over some spineless enemies with ease... you'll come up against "bot brawlers" armed with special decks, and be challenged and rewarded as you fight through the ranks.

Prepare to meet the likes of Duncecap Dexter, Miss Purr, Marty McWhirlwind and others! They'll help you sharpen your skills as you get ready to join the big boys and girls in ranked. 

For more info about the new single-player modes and brawlers, click here! 

Regardless if you're fighting for the top spots on the leaderboard or just playing casually and chatting it up in Discord, there's a place for YOU! 

If you ever have comments, questions, or suggestions, reply or email me directly at 

We hope to see you in Discord!

The Champions Team

PS- Did you know we've sold over HALF A MILLION CARDS! (and we're just getting started!) 🏆




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Jamie Larson