Unveiling "Draft Mode" and "Arena" in Champions TCG

Draft, Arena, and Crafting all coming in February 2024. Free to Enter Tournaments running 180 straight days. $25,000+ in prizes given out.

Unveiling "Draft Mode" and "Arena" in Champions TCG
Champions TCG introduces Draft, Arena, and Crafting!

Dive into the Draft Mode

"Champions of Otherworldly Magic" introduces a thrilling way to play with its Draft Mode, where strategy meets opportunity. Here, opening packs is more than just a step towards building your deck—it's an investment in your gaming future. Each card you draft is not only a potential game-winner but also holds real-world value, thanks to our unique marketplace. Each card drafted gets added to your personal collection!

Players start with 4 packs and draft cards in a round-robin format. One pack at a time. This process ensures that every draft is a new adventure and a fresh challenge.

How It Works:

  • Entry: 140 Gems
  • Deck Size: 30 cards
  • Players: 4 to 512 players
  • Duration: Around 60 minutes

Arena: A New Matchmaking Experience

Our Arena Mode revolutionizes competitive play with a 25GEM entry fee. Players are presented with 105 cards in sets of three, drafting one card at a time over 35 rounds to build their "Arena Deck". Players can then enter the Arena where they face off against other players. Continue at your own pace with the same deck until you get 3 losses or reach 9 wins! (Once your deck records 3 losses its retired and you can draft again)

The Arena Experience:

  • Dynamic Deck Building: Select your arsenal carefully from a diverse pool.
  • Competitive Play: Queue against others and test your drafted deck's mettle.

    Reward System:
    • 1 Wins = 0 Gems
    • 2 Wins = 5 Gems
    • 3 Wins = 10 Gems
    • 4 Wins = 15 Gems
    • 5 Wins = 25 Gems
    • 6 Wins = 35 Gems
    • 7 Wins = 1 Pack + 45 Gems
    • 8 Wins = 2 Packs + 55 Gems
    • 9 Wins = 3 Packs + 100 Gems

"Champions of Otherworldly Magic" isn't just about the game; it's about the community. Our Discord is buzzing with tales of glory and strategy, with newcomers welcomed with open arms and free packs. Engage, learn, and even earn, with over $200 given away daily through various competitions.

Crafting and Enchanting

Take your strategy further with our world-class crafting system. Break down unwanted cards for "Shards" to enchant unopened packs and elevate your game (and earnings) to the next level. New packs such as "Mythic", "Fire", "Ice", and even "Japanese" packs can be crafted. Not to mention already enchanted packs will be able to be double crafted via our "Fuse" shards to create packs such as "Mythic Fire", "Japanese Fire", etc.

Learn More here: https://blog.championstcg.com/crafting/

Join the Adventure

"Champions of Otherworldly Magic" offers a unique blend of strategy, community, and real-world value. Whether you're drafting your way to victory or competing in the Arena, every play is a step towards becoming a true champion. Ready to cast your spell in the world of competitive TCGs? Join us now and redefine your gaming experience.

Arena, Draft, and Crafting all coming in February 2024

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