Unveiling the Power of Shards in ChampionsTCG: A New Way to Play to Earn

Unveiling the Power of Shards in ChampionsTCG: A New Way to Play to Earn

Welcome to the latest innovation in the ChampionsTCG universe – the introduction of Shards, a groundbreaking feature that's set to revolutionize the way you interact with your card collection. Shards are not just another addition; they're a transformative step in our upcoming crafting program, designed to enhance your gameplay, strategy, and "Play to Earn" opportunity to unprecedented levels.

How Shards Work

Shards are the magical essence of the ChampionsTCG world, embedded within each card you own. They are the key to unlocking new potentials and crafting your path to victory. With the introduction of Shards, every card in your collection holds the possibility of revealing something extraordinary.

Breaking down any of your ChampionsTCG cards will reveal the contents inside, including a variety of Shards such as Elemental (Fire, Water, Ice, etc) and Rarity (Common, Rare, Mythic). These Shards can then be used in combination with unopened card packs to enhance the contents, tailoring your deck to your strategy/preferences or for you to list for sale!

Enhancing Card Packs with Shards

Imagine combining a Gen 3 Pack with 100 Fire Shards. The result? A Gen 3 FIRE pack, now exclusively containing FIRE element cards from Gen 3. This customization can be applied to all elements, allowing you to craft a deck that resonates with your elemental affinity.

Crafting with FUSE Shards

The innovation doesn't stop there. Already enhanced packs can undergo a further transformation with FUSE Shards, creating even more powerful and specialized packs like a "Mythic Fire" pack.

* Crafted Packs will never be sold by us. Only our players can craft and sell "enhanced" packs on the secondary

Shards Drop Rates and Crafting Possibilities

Shards aren't just randomly distributed; they follow a structured drop rate that varies with the generation and rarity of the card being broken down. Here's a glimpse into the potential Shards you can expect:

  • Special Edition: Yields 5 Shards. 1 Fuse Shard + 4 Elemental/Rarity Shards
  • 1st Gen Cards: Yields 3 Shards. Elemental, Common, Rare, Mythic or Fuse
  • 2nd Gen Cards: Yields 2 Shards. Elemental, Common, Rare, Mythic
  • 3rd Gen Cards: Yield 1 Shard. Elemental, Common, Rare, Mythic

Special Edition Cards

Special Edition Cards are where Shards truly shine, offering up to 5 Shards, including a guaranteed Fuse Shard along with a mix of Elemental and Rarity Shards. These cards open up unparalleled crafting and enhancement opportunities, making them a prized possession for any player.


The introduction of Shards into ChampionsTCG marks a new era in "Play to Earn". This is something that is impossible with physical TCGs and not done by ANY other digital TCG project in the world. Whether you're enhancing packs with Elemental Shards or crafting the elusive "Mythic Fire" pack with FUSE Shards, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Get ready to dive into this new crafting program, where every card holds the potential to unlock something truly magical.

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Jamie Larson