Unleashing New Potentials: Champions of Otherworldly Magic's Gen 3 Abilities Revealed

Unleashing New Potentials: Champions of Otherworldly Magic's Gen 3 Abilities Revealed

Attention all spellcasters and mystical tacticians! As the realm of 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic' gears up for its much-anticipated Gen 3 release on January 21, 2024, it's time to delve into the powerful arsenal of abilities that will soon be at your command. With the Gen 3 Patch, prepare to witness the evolution of strategic gameplay and brace yourselves for groundbreaking innovations in the digital TCG universe.

A Glimpse into Gen 3's Mystical Arsenal

The upcoming generation introduces a plethora of abilities, each designed to cater to a unique playstyle and strategic approach. Let's unwrap these mystical powers:

  • Wildfire (Fire/Passive): While in play whenever you play another card, deal 1 damage to random enemy
  • Tsunami (Water/Active): deal 3 targeted damage to any card, then 1 damage to rest of field
  • Equality (Nature/Active): on death, heal the lowest player for 12hp
  • Raise Dead (Death/Active): pay 6 life to resurrect card on top of your graveyard
  • Supercharge (Lightning/Active): With ten or more cards in hand, this card games gains double stats and rush
  • Quantum Shift (Cosmic/Active): Swap this card with any enemy card
  • Singularity (Cosmic/Active): Destroy all cards on your field, this card gains +4+4 for each card destroyed

Electrifying Enhancements in the Gen 3 Patch

Gen 3 also introduces three spellbinding ability changes that are set to ignite the battlefield:

  • Combustion: Deal 6 damage to any champion or opponent also damages you for 6.
  • Inferno: Deal 1-7 damage to 2 enemy champions
  • Hydroblast: Deal 7 damage to any champion w 7+ health.
  • Zap: Zap damages 2 random Champions or players for 2 damage whenever it enters the battlefield or attacks. It will also damage anything that attacks it.

A Revolutionary Moment in Digital TCG: Tradable and Craftable Packs

Mark your calendars for 4 PM ET on January 21st, because Gen 3 isn't just about new abilities. For the first time ever in digital TCG history, 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic' introduces tradable and enhanceable packs. This groundbreaking feature will allow players to craft their destiny and trade their way to the top, adding a layer of depth and economy never before seen...

Pack = $3.50
Bundle (6 packs) = $20.50
Box (36 Packs) = $121.00
Case (216 Packs) = $711.00

The first 250 Boxes AND 100 Case purchasers will be airdropped a special limited edition card (box topper)!

Your Next Step in the Magical Ladder

As you await the release, strategize how these new abilities can redefine your deck and playstyle. Whether you're a seasoned mage or a novice enchanter, the Gen 3 abilities offer a refreshing twist to the game's competitive play.

Remember, beyond the spells and strategies, 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic' continues to host free-to-enter daily tournaments with a $75 prize pool and larger weekend tournaments boasting a $500 prize. The formats are as diverse as the abilities themselves, from Pauper to special themed events like 'Death & Dark' for that eerie Halloween vibe.

So, prepare to enhance your deck with Gen 3's abilities, and don't miss out on the opportunity to become a part of history with tradable and enhanceable packs. The clock is ticking towards a new era of play, and only the most astute and cunning will rise to the challenge.

Are you ready to embrace the power and craft your legend? The realm of 'Champions of Otherworldly Magic' awaits your prowess on January 21st. May the most arcane tactics and sharpest wits prevail!

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Jamie Larson