Champions TCG: Deck of the Month Spotlight; TwoTaps

Champions TCG: Deck of the Month Spotlight; TwoTaps

Q: What inspired you to create this particular deck? Were there specific strategies, themes, or cards you wanted to explore or showcase?

A: I was inspired to make this aggro deck to grind ranked play. I had tried heavier builds which had a good win rate but I found that each game took a long time and with my focus being grinding as many daily wins in a day this low mana tempo deck fitted the bill. Also including as many playable promos had to be done such as Japanese Jelli and Firon as well as Creg and Fuku, as I love playing those alt art cards and Japanese cards.

Q: Can you walk us through your deckbuilding process? How did you approach selecting cards, balancing synergy, and considering the metagame?

A: When building the deck my primary focus was on strong 1 and 2 mana cards which would enable me to flood the board rapidly and overwhelm my opponents if they didn’t get an early field nuke. Even if they did running Vilemoths enables me to quickly get a board back as well as strong 2 mana drops like Spriggon, which becomes a 4/9 with Lifebloom used on it or Astraling, which has a one-time shield where it takes no damage. I balanced the damage done by Combust and Raise Dead with Lifebloom to heal my hero when needed as well.

Q: What are some key cards in your deck, and what roles do they play in your overall strategy? Are there any particular card combinations or interactions you rely on?

A: The key cards in this deck for tempo are Astraling, Spriggon, Timberfawn, and Vilemoth. The combination of Timberfawn with Vilemoth is devastating vs supercharge builds where you can create two coobs with provoke to defend and then revive the Timberfawn to make another 2 coobs next turn. The nukes such as Turbo give a devastating inferno for just 1 mana letting me play other cards and keep the tempo up as well as Firon that offers 6 damage and a 4/4 body. I play a single Jelli that offers the ability to kill any 7hp units outright or cause a serious dent to things with more than 7hp and when synergized with Creg or other nukes lets you wipe those units out clearing out their field whilst continually building yours.

Q: How do you adapt your deck to different matchups or changing metagame trends? Are there any sideboard options or tech choices you incorporate for specific opponents or strategies?

A: If I find that people in the queue are running a heavy earthquake and inferno build then I often will change this deck out for a heavier build with units with more HP, where earthquake is less effective and also I don’t spam the field with units and just play is slow and waiting for them to run out of cards which often happens with nuke heavy decks. No deck is perfect and some decks will counter this very hard but the tempo and speed of the deck make up for the losses.

Q: Have you had any memorable or exciting moments while playing with this deck? Are there any particularly memorable victories, clutch plays, or unexpected outcomes you'd like to share?

A: When you grind nearly a hundred games a day everything becomes a bit of a blur, but the most exciting moment is pulling out an Ampercharge and finishing the game with his 8 rush damage.

In conclusion, the journey of deckbuilding is one that requires adaptability, strategy, and a keen understanding of the ever-changing metagame. By delving into the insights of our featured player, we gain a deeper understanding of the nuances involved in crafting a winning deck. Join us next month as we continue to explore the diverse world of Champions of Otherworldly Magic, uncovering new strategies and tactics to elevate your gameplay. Until then, may your draws be fortunate and your victories plentiful!

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Jamie Larson