Flami - The Pyro Toad of Infernous

Flami - The Pyro Toad of Infernous


Deep within the blazing heart of Infernous, a world where rivers of lava flow like water and the very air seems to combust, emerges Flami, the Pyro Toad. With skin imbued with fiery markings and a flame-topped head that can ignite the driest of wood or the dampest of moss, Flami is both a creature of curiosity and fear.

Born beneath the molten falls, Flami's fiery appearance is not just for show. It's a testament to the scorching world it calls home. As a young tadpole, Flami's pond evaporated almost instantly, forcing it to adapt to a life of warmth and combustion. As Flami grew, so did the flames on its back, signaling its increasing power and dominance within the realm of Infernous.

Flami, despite its daunting visage, is a guardian spirit to many of the creatures of Infernous. The flame on its head serves as a beacon in the darkest ash storms, guiding lost souls to safety. Yet, when threatened, Flami can harness the true power of its "Inferno" ability, releasing a burst of fire that engulfs its foes.

Flami is the first of its line, a proud generation of fiery amphibians. Its potential evolution into the mighty Flamurai and later into the formidable Flamiguaken signifies its journey from a guardian to a warrior, and finally, a legend of Infernous. Every flame that dances in this world whispers tales of Flami's courage and the heat of its heart.

Though a creature of fire, Flami shares a bond with its elemental kin from other realms, battling alongside them under the guidance of their respective masters. These wizards, recognizing the potential in each champion, pit them against elemental bosses to prove their worth.

Card Details:

  • Edition: First
  • Generation: 1
  • Champion Number: 1
  • Image:
  • Total Quantity: 33
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Name: Flami
  • Evolutions: Flami -> Flamurai -> Flamiguaken
  • Skin: Classic
  • Element: Fire
  • Ability: Inferno
    • Description: Unleashes a wave of fire dealing damage to all adjacent enemies.
  • Mana Cost: 2
  • Health: 3
  • Attack: 3

Masters who summon Flami know they're not just calling upon a creature of fire, but a symbol of hope for all of Infernous. With its unwavering spirit and blazing might, Flami stands ready to turn the tide of any battle.

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Jamie Larson