• ✅ The Rarity system in Generation 1 was linked to the overall power level of the card, this has been changed in Generation 2 to be much more random and allow for an improved deck building experience, pauper game modes, and collectability.
  • ✅ All Generation 2 cards have an ability. Synergies for Ability:None cards in Generation 1 are coming soon™.
  • ✅ Otherworldly cards are special and apply an aura to the whole field, their effects are mysterious. All will be revealed when the time is right.


  • ✅ The mirrored graveyard text was so hard to fix we remade the entire game board from scratch.
  • ✅ Ability descriptions now pop up when hovering over a card.
  • ✅ Frozen, Guard, Aegis, Berserker, Regrowth, Shatter, Retribution, Soul Reaper, and Zap are now displayed on cards on the field.
  • ✅ New sexy card backs.
  • ✅ Card layer order reversed so mana cost is always visible in hand.
  • ✅ Targeting arrow colour is now green/red for abilities/attacks.
  • ✅ Fixed arrow targeting so its not rekt and weird.


  • ✅ Clicking on a card in the "Cards" tab links to the market.
  • ✅ General UI improvements.
  • ✅ Your current selected deck is now always visible, and the last deck used is remembered.
  • ✅ Blog is now live at


  • ✅ Ragequit detection, if another player leaves the game, you auto win.
  • ✅ A warning sound is now played when you have 10 seconds left on your turn.
  • ✅ Turn timer is now a flat 90 seconds.
  • ✅ Connection and networking fixes.
  • ✅ General stability fixes.
  • ✅ Wallet authentication timeout fix.
  • ✅ Literally 2,138,420,690 other bug fixes.

  • ✅ Most Generation 1 abilities have been tweaked.
  • ✅ 14 new Generation 2 abilities have been added.
  • ✅ Visual effects for all abilities added and improved.
  • ✅ Sound effects for all abilities added and improved.

(Changes in bold)

Hatch - Can evolve into any card of the same element.

Fundamental change to Hatch, no longer auto plays a card from your hand, or draws a card, but can evolve into any card of that element.

Guard - Immune to ALL direct ability targeting.

Yes, that includes friendly targeting, also no longer immune to indirect ability damage like inferno.

✅ Vortex - Directly damage the enemy player for 3-5.

Slight variance added

✅ Lifebloom - Increase the HP of any card or player by 4.

Can now target any player and any enemy card... why?

✅ Earthquake - Damage all cards except this card for 3.

No longer damages players, no longer damages itself, damage increased to 3, and air is no longer immune.

✅ Blizzard - Freeze any card for 1 turn. Frozen cards cant attack or evolve, and do no retaliation damage.

Reduced from 2 turns to 1 because not doing retaliation damage is a huge debuff.

✅ Whirlwind - Send any card on the field back to the owners hand.

Have fun woosh woosh.

✅ Psybeam - Swap the HP and Attack of any card on the field, then increase the HP of this card by the difference.

Psybloom dreams coming true.

✅ Bless - Increase the Attack of any card on the field by 3.

Why? 😈


✅ Greed - Draw 1 card, If you have no cards on the field, draw 2.

✅ Aegis - Immune to all damage, breaks the first time any damage is taken.

✅ Berserker - Whenever this card takes any damage, it gains 2 Attack.

✅ Combustion - Deal 6 damage to any card or player. Has a 20% chance to backfire and hit you directly.

✅ Hydroblast - Kills any card on the field with 8 or more HP.

✅ Regrowth - On Death: Increase the HP of all your cards on the field by 2.

✅ Fortify - This card gains HP equal to the amount of cards on the enemy field when summoned.

✅ Shatter - On Death: Summons 2 Icecoobs.

✅ Windseeker - Target any card on the field, then move that cards next evolution from your deck to your hand.

✅ Curse - Reduce the Attack and HP of any card on the field by 2.

✅ Retribution - On Death: Damage every card on the enemy field for 2.

✅ Divine Equilibrium - Gain 1 extra mana for this turn only. Immune to ALL direct ability targeting.

✅ Soul Reaper - When ANY other card dies, this cards Attack or HP increases by 1.

✅ Zap - When this card attacks directly, another random enemy is damaged for 2.

✅ Otherworldly - This card's effect applies to your entire field. Its effects are mysterious...



  • ✅ Players that run out of cards to draw will take increasing damage every turn (5, 10, 15, 20...)
  • ✅ Max mana is now 9.
  • ✅ Evolutions now cost 1 mana.
  • ✅ Player can now target any ability on anything, even it if seems stupid.


  • ✅ Card requirement is 35, exactly, no range.
  • ✅ Max of 2 per card.


  • ✅ The player who goes first starts the game with 4 cards in their hand, plus they draw one on their first turn, for 5 cards in hand.
  • ✅ The player who goes second starts the game with 5 cards in their hand, plus a WHITE LILY card. They draw on their first turn, for a total of 6 cards + white lily in hand.
  • ✅ We believe this will bring a pretty close balance to starting first or second, so for simplification, all games will now have have totally random starting turn order (even tournaments).


✅ (t)B(h)L(e)A(w)C(h)K(i)_(t)L(e)O(l)T(i)U(l)S(y)

✅ (The) White Lily has two cards.

✅ It is a very special card that aims to be the most visible and most used but ALSO the most rare.

✅ It will be the most visible and well known card ever, every single game will see a white lily played.

✅ But it will also be the rarest and most sought after card, ever.

✅ Its ability, Divine Equilibrium, gives 1 extra mana to the player whenever they choose.

✅ WHITE LILY - The In Game Turn Order Balance Card.

Auto given to player 2's hand at start of game.

Only exists in the game room.

Does not exist outside of the game room.

✅ THE WHITE LILY - The 1/1 Real Card.

Different art, rarity, and name.

1 in 1,000,000.

Appears everywhere a normal card appears - deckbuilder, card lists, etc.

Can use it in addition to the "in game only white lily" if you happen to have the 1/1 in your deck (good luck).

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Jamie Larson