"I've never seen a skill in a TCG as crazy as what FuKu does"!

"I've never seen a skill in a TCG as crazy as what FuKu does"!

This, and similar comments have been posted over and over in our Discord since the newest card collections, "Gen3" was released, only a short week ago... 

So who is "Fuku", and what does he do that's so special!?

Fuku is one of the newest Champions to take the battlefield this past week in "Champions of Otherworldy Magic", and his (her?) skill "Quantum Shift" has TCG players raving. 

While Fuku wiggles a "special" finger towards his enemy, at the cost of only ONE MANA, the Quantum Shift skill lets you steal a card from your opponent's table. Pick a card... any card. Now it's yours!

In fact, Fuku and the new batch of cards and skills to hit the table (wait till you see "Raise Dead"!) have literally changed the face of Champs TCG! Word has gotten out, and hundreds of new players are flocking to "Champs TCG", inviting their friends, and taking advantage of the new p2e format.

Did you just say P2E? You bet your sweet bippy!

In addition to a couple hundred new cards and skills, a new daily "play to earn" format has been added to the fray. Win 10 games in a day and share a % of the daily pot with other 10+ game winners... don't have time for 10? No worries, the daily pays out for a lot less than 10 wins as well... and it adds up fast!

You can play matches any time all day long to qualify for the above, but if you want to hang with the big boys, (and win more dough 💰) elimination-type tournaments go off daily and every weekend as well! They're all free to join!

Hop into our Discord by clicking here, and grab the schedule... there's something for everyone!

Hang with the big kids in a daily/weekly $500+ tournament!

In the last week, we've multiplied the number of games being played many times over, seen hundreds of new players join the ranks, watched tens of thousands of cards being bought, sold, and traded... and even a website re-design. And this is only the beginning!

This is THE FIRST TRUE DIGITAL TRADING CARD GAME... where you OWN your cards! 

If you've never played, reach out in Discord and we'll give you some free decks to open and get started. Cards are available on our website, but a free "starter deck" with many of the newest cards is also being added to new accounts. This can be used for the daily tourneys and more!

Get more info and start playing NOWhttps://championstcg.com

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Jamie Larson