Dreadfin - The Mysterious Guardian of Abyssal Depths

Dreadfin - The Mysterious Guardian of Abyssal Depths


In the heart of the vast oceans, where the light barely penetrates and the waters grow colder with depth, Dreadfin silently watches over its domain. With shimmering scales reflecting the sparse light and large, expressive eyes that have seen the mysteries of the deep, Dreadfin is both revered and feared.

Beginning its journey as the enigmatic Dreadfin, transforming into the haunting Necrofish, and ultimately reaching its zenith as the ethereal Soulswimmer, its life story is one of adaptation, survival, and unmatched mastery over the aquatic realm.

In the shadowy underwater caves and canyons, legends speak of Dreadfin's ability to summon whirlpools and command the very currents of the ocean. Many sailors tell tales of the mighty whirlpools that protect sacred underwater sites, believing them to be the work of Dreadfin.

Yet, despite its formidable reputation, Dreadfin has a gentle side. It often aids lost marine creatures, guiding them through the treacherous waters and ensuring their safety. Its duality, as both protector and guardian, is what makes Dreadfin a true marvel of the seas.

Card Details:

  • Edition: First
  • Generation: 1
  • Champion Number: 4
  • Image:
  • Total Quantity: 33
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Name: Dreadfin
  • Evolutions: Dreadfin -> Necrofish -> Soulswimmer
  • Skin: Classic
  • Element: Water
  • Ability: Vortex
    • Description: Summons a powerful whirlpool, drawing enemies into its swirling depths.
  • Mana Cost: 2
  • Health: 2
  • Attack: 4

For those fortunate enough to cross paths with Dreadfin and live to tell the tale, they speak of a creature that embodies the very essence of the ocean's mystery and might. With every wave and current under its command, Dreadfin is the silent guardian of the ocean's deepest secrets.

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Jamie Larson