Get Your Free Valentine's Day Holiday Cards! It's Love!

Get Your Free Valentine's Day Holiday Cards! It's Love!

Come join your brothers in COOM and celebrate St. Valentine's Week by participating in our special collectable holiday card giveaway! These cards are playable, collectable, rare, re-sellable... and free!

Every bundle, box, or case of Gen3 cards grabbed from the market from now through Friday will include a limited edition "Lovely" Box Topper. These are not only some of the best cards to have in your hand during a game, but you'll look like a boss playing them. 

These "Lovely" Valentine's Cards have join the Christmas Collectables making up the "Holiday Edition"!

During the Christmas Holiday, the first themed cards graced the Champions of Otherworldly Magic table with the most incredible and fun renditions of favorite cards like "Ocho" and "Panthu".  

The new St. Valentine's Day cards follow suit and do not disappoint! Favorites like Leafie, Lumi, and Glimmerchonk have put on their pink and red garb, and are only a few of the specials waiting for someone to claim them and give them a good home.

You can see the selections in the image at the top of the page, as well as the % chances to drop. In the image below, they take their places in the resale cart of the Handcash Holiday locker.

And yes, the Holiday Cards are both playable AND re-sellable!

In addition to looking like a BOSS and potentially dominating the playfield, these special cards can be held as collectibles or be re-sold when you like.

To get your special free gifts, just hop over to either the Handcash Market where you can snag the packs using BSV tokens, or click on "Shop" at the top of the game app where you can either use gems you've accumulated or grab some gems using a credit card and convert them into cards.

You'll get another card as a gift for each bundle, box, or case of regular cards you grab... 

-Handcash Market:

-From the in-game interface:

Questions? Hop into our Discord by clicking here, and ask away. The team is quite active in chat and ready to challenge you in-game as well. 

Get more info and start playing here

Love is in the air with our St Valentine's Day promo... come get some! 

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