Gem Market Mega Patch

Gem Market Mega Patch

Introducing Champions Market, The in site market for trading Cards and Packs! Players can list their inventory on the market and the best price will be displayed for anyone to purchase. Now you can earn Gems from your unused items. The market comes with a low 5% fee meaning the seller makes maximum profit. Referral payouts still work and payout Gems to the referral account.

To facilitate this, we have created an internal Champions wallet to store all Card and Pack Ordinals. Players no longer need to sign up to Handcash in order to use the site. If you wish to sell cards for BSV or purchase Gems with BSV, Handcash integration still exists and any card in Handcash can still be used in your decks. For those who wish to migrate their items into their Champions account, the option to import your items exists.

Now that we control the wallets, deck validation can now been done on joining matchmaking queue or lobbies. It will validate cards in Handcash as well but speed wont be as efficient. To craft, burn or open Packs/Cards they must be imported into your Champions account. We did this to make it more reliable, now it will never open a Pack without giving you any Cards.


First week of market will offer the chance to receive ultra limited airdrops based on market volume (buys or sells). Stay tuned for release date!

Full Changelog

  • Gem market to sell Cards and Packs (5% fee)
  • Notification bar to alert when items sell, box toppers/cards airdropped, and referral payouts
  • Internal Champions wallet hiding blockchain functionality and improving on-boarding UX (we will never store funds in this wallet)
  • Draft with existing Packs (including crafted Packs, Enhanced Packs with 2 extra cards give the 2 remaining cards to the Pack owner)
  • Arena drop chances changed. All cards have same odds now
  • Inventory and Deck Builder loading speeds increased 100x (when Cards are imported)
  • Lots of UI changes
  • Sats Connect (Magic Eden) Integration
  • Discount code in BSV Gem purchases
  • Gems can now be split into decimal values (sell items for sub 10c value)
  • Card ownership validated on joining queue and tournaments

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Jamie Larson