"This can be THE DAY that marks "Champions" as TCG Nobility!

"This can be THE DAY that marks "Champions" as TCG Nobility!
New Artwork, Skills, Characters and More make Gen4 special!

Like we discussed last week, today with the introductions of "Gen4" cards and packs we launch the newest addition of skills/abilities to "Champs TCG"! You'll need to go play the game to fully experience these incredible changes, but I can assure you this is the generation that puts us on the "TCG Royalty" list!

So what does today bring?

  • 220 new cards
  • 30+ new abilities
  • New Diamond frame cards 💠
  • Crafting buff on all previous gems
  • And so much more!

Cards are still no more costly than before, only $3.50 for a 10 card pack!

Like ALL of the cards of the past, all cards are digital and can be bought, sold, traded... and of course profited from! (cards have already sold for hundreds of $'s!)

This generation will retire an earlier card generation as well, to keep the game fresh, exciting, and innovative! (however, there are regularly tournaments and such using ALL of the cards, so they never become fully unplayable)

The best way to get all the new info is to head over to Discord and join the community. You'll meet streamers happy to answer Q's and teach skills while you watch, and a host of players new and old, ALL glad to chat and help you learn the ropes.

In addition, the leaderboard is reset, and new daily prizes have been added!

 A new daily reward has been added to the fray, where the top players daily win special highly collectable cards. Of course, the leaderboard reset will let everyone start fresh and earn their place at the top of the mountain!

In addition, there are daily cash tournaments, always free to enter, high $ weekend tourneys, and so much more. "Champions TCG" is changing the way the TCG industry is played, and YOU can become a part of it.

Simply head over to https://championstcg.com to get involved, grab some Gen4 packs, and get started!

This is THE FIRST TRUE DIGITAL TRADING CARD GAME... where you OWN your cards! 

If you've never played, reach out in Discord and we'll give you some free decks to open and get started. 

Get more into and start playing herehttps://championstcg.com

The Champions team is always active in Discord, and we're all looking forward to getting to know you!

This is only the beginning!

The Champions Team

PS- Gen4 cards are available on our website, but a free "starter deck" with many of the newest cards is given to new accounts as well, "gratis"! This can be used for the daily tourneys and more!

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Jamie Larson