Win some dough playing Champions TCG!

Win some dough playing Champions TCG!

"Our First $10,000 prize tourney is in the books!"

Champions TCG just hosted our first $10k invitational tournament, and the press, social media coverage, and buzz surrounding this event was incredible! 

I'll give you the 411, but also want to remind you, (or maybe inform you?) that for us "normal people", there are plenty of ways to earn cold, hard ca$h playing Champions on a daily basis as well! More on that in a bit... 

This "first of more to come" $10k tourney was by invitation only. Players like RuthlessRedge, Baby Bear, Q-Flux, Ben Stark, Jacob Wilson, and other national champions from games like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering and others (including ours of course!) met in a two-day test of skills.

The combined past earnings of the 16 players are well over $1,000,000, and each play of the finals was captured for our reviewing pleasure at the link below. You can learn a bunch by watching... but of course nothing is like playing on your own!  

It was a great event, and a chance for "little people" like me to sharpen my skills by watching. However, Champs TCG wasn't created solely for the pro gamer to pad their pockets. Like I mentioned above, hundreds, (heck, maybe thousands by now) of casual gamers have enjoyed the sweet sound of "cha-ching" by playing as well.

Hundreds of casual gamers have earned $ playing Champs TCG !

It's great that we have big-name players starting to lineup to play Champions... it's great for my card value, lol! However, let's face it, when we hear that a game includes "P2E", we don't start thinking about what the other guy will make.
I ask "what's in it for me!" 

I've been a hardcore PC gamer since I broke my cherry in 1997 playing Ultima Online, but Champs TCG is literally the first card game I've played for more than a couple days. It didn't take long to get its grips into me, but pigs will fly before I can hang with the big boys of the TCG world.

Even so, thousands of non-pros have taken advantage of the generous rewards offered when playing Champs! It comes from a combination of winning daily perks, opening packs with high-level cards we could sell, crafting and selling cards and packs, winning daily and weekend tournaments, and more.

So how do YOU jump in and do the same?

The short list would start with a daily pot that is split between the people who win as little as TWO ranked games a day. Yup... I said 2. 

There is also a $75 daily tournament (that's every day... doh) and a $500 tourney each weekend! In addition, special highly-collectable and re-sellable cards are also handed out to the winners. The fee to join these tournaments is quite low by the way. It's FREE! 

In addition to the daily/weekly handouts, there's a leaderboard that resets every 3 months when the new generation of cards are released. The top 100 or so players are all rewarded of course... and each generation of new cards quietly removes an older bunch from the shop, increasing their value.

Some of the Season Four Collectable Reward Cards!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few other ways... like flipping cards on the marketplace, which has treated many of us very well btw... and devs randomly sending packs to players for one reason or another.

If you're brand-spanking new, get off to a good start by getting your first cards "on the house"... just go to the new player section of our Discord and ask, and you'll be sent some to get you going.

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Jamie Larson