"Introducing the Honktown Collection!

"Introducing the Honktown Collection!

It's time to put on your ringmaster hat and whistle, don your clown shoes and red nose, squeeze my horn (not THAT horn!), and grab some popcorn, because Honktown is on its way!

You're one of the FIRST to learn about the newest collectable package soon to be available on the Handcash market, found at https://market.handcash.io/

This circus-inspired package will include all you need to either laugh yourself silly, or run and take cover, depending on your clown perspective. Either way, you have the opportunity to own and play with what is in my opinion the most innovatively diabolical set yet! 👹

The Honk Town bundle includes:
🍿 1 Honk Town Game board
🍿 9 Fully Honked Avatars
🍿 4 Honked out Card backs
🍿 1 Limited Edition Creg’d playing card (who doesn't want a clown goose!?)
🍿 1 Clown Pepe Emote

And they're ALL tradable/sellable individually!

Step right up and grab a set... they won't last long. What we DO know, is there will be a very limited number available, and the set will be VERY affordable. What we do NOT know is the exact date, it's in Handcash's hands, so pay attention!  (but it's pretty soon)

We're not clowning around when it comes to changing the way TCG games are played..  🤡

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Jamie Larson