Season lengths are shortened from three months to one!

Season lengths are shortened from three months to one!
This last seasons winners! CONGRATS to you all! For now, you are the BEST!

Over the course of the year since "Champions TCG" exploded onto the card game scene, the season lengths have changed several times. It's been longer, shorter, coincided with releases, not coincided with releases... which is of course all good.

We needed to experience different variations, get community feedback, as well as learn what worked the best for competition, rewards, balance, and so-on. The new format will last the calendar month, from the first day to the last, to keep it simple and easy to remember. 

If you're not aware, each "season" resets the ranked scoreboard allowing us all to start fresh at zero. The new and shorter season lets new players jump into the competitive scene sooner than later because it's tough with a 3-month season for someone new to rise to the top ranks if we're already six to eight weeks in. This resets the power much more often.

With a shorter season there's no time to lose, and EVERY match is important! In a month-long season, it feels like we're in the final stretch all the time!

Of course, since each season rewards the top 200 players, it also gives us a chance to get free stuff more often... not including bragging rights of course, which can be even more precious! 

At each season's end, we can find card packs, CoomBoxes, special rare cards, gems, shards, and more ending up in our inbox... 

"Introducing the Honktown Collection!

There are still a handful of HonkTown sets left!

If you haven't done so yet, our first themed package, "HonkTown" is available on the Handcash market, found at

This circus-inspired package gives you all you need to either laugh yourself silly, or hide in a closet, depending on your clown perspective. Either way, you have the opportunity to own and play with what could be the most coveted set released. 

The Honk Town bundle includes:

 -1 Honk Town Game board (the ONLY non-default gameboard created)

 -9 Fully Honked Avatars

 -4 Honked out Card backs

 -1 Limited Edition Creg’d playing card (who doesn't want a clown goose!?)

- 1 Clown Pepe Emote

They're ALL tradable/sellable individually as well. Imagine owning a couple sets of these 5 years down the road, and what they could be worth. I literally argued that they were being sold way too cheap. (don't hate me, I lost the argument)

In any case, if you don't own any, you're probably making a big mistake. 

In the last couple of weeks, we've multiplied the number of games being played, seen hundreds of new players join the ranks, picked up new national sponsors, and much more. And this is only the beginning!

This is THE FIRST TRUE DIGITAL TRADING CARD GAME... where you OWN your cards! Jump in at

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Jamie Larson