USD Market

USD Market

Introducing USD Market. Similar to the Gem market, you can list Cards and Packs for BSV directly in the Champions website. It utilizes connected BSV wallets to fund P2P micro transactions between players.

USD Market has a 1% market fee that is paid entirely to the referring player if the sold Card/Pack is associated with a referral account. We are also updating the Gem market fee from 5% to 1%.

Currently it supports Yours Wallet while Handcash support is pending some required APIs being built.

To sell on the USD market, you must first connect Yours Wallet. Then you can go to your Inventory, click a Card or Pack then enter a USD amount in the last input field. You can enter a number in both the Gem and USD field to list the item in both Markets. If it sells in one it will be removed from the second Market.

Since funds are transferred directly from the buyer's wallet into the seller's wallet, if the seller disconnects their wallet, all their USD listings are removed.

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Jamie Larson