"July Season Brings Heroes to the Game, the Biggest Update Yet!"

"July Season Brings Heroes to the Game, the Biggest Update Yet!"
Each month long season pays valuable rewards to the top 200 players!

Our biggest and most exciting update comes with the start of the July Season! Also, congrats to the June Season winners! You can see the rewards for the June monthly season in the image below...

Our BIGGEST update yet! Introducing our 39 Heroes!

Players will now be required to select a Hero in the deck builder before building a deck. Each hero restricts the elements of cards used inside that deck and grants the user unique passive/active abilities!

5 Heroes are available for free to all players! 6 more are unlocked via leveling, 5 unlocked via quests. and the remaining 23 are unlocked by owning cards. These unique heroes bring fresh strategies and excitement to gameplay, each representing unique elemental combinations. 

Here is how they break down:

Basic Elemental Heroes: (+2 damage to specific element enemy champions):
Light Fire (Free)
Dark Fire (Free)
Nature Air (Free)
Water Air (Free)
Wildcard (Free)
Dark Water (unlocked at lvl 10)
Light Dark (unlocked at lvl 12)
Light Water (unlocked at lvl 14)
Dark Nature (unlocked at lvl 16)
Fire Nature (unlocked at lvl 18)
Fire Water (unlocked at lvl 20)
Fire Air (Earned by a Quest)
Nature Water (Earned by a Quest)
Light Nature (Earned by a Quest)
Light Air (Earned by a Quest)
Dark Air (Earned by a Quest)

Elemental Grouping Adjustments:
Death = Dark
Earth = Nature
Ice = Water
Lightning = Air
Cosmic = Normal (Fuku is not allowed, until pending modifications)

Passive Elemental Buffs: Each basic hero grants a passive +2 damage buff against specific other elements:
Light <-> Dark
Water -> Fire
Fire -> Nature
Nature -> Air
Air -> Water

And there are MORE Heroes to come!

In the future, we will introduce additional heroes accessible by owning any of our 23 Epic Named Champions in Gen 4. How many do YOU have?

Nazure, Death's Advance
Saatana, The Fallen One
Shinkoku, Guardian of the Rice Fields
Luna Everglow, The Forest Whisperer
Apocalypse, World Eater
Inferno, The Ashen Lord
Ankhia, The White
Bofa Tinkertime, Never Late
Glimmerbat, The Unobtainable
Soulrend, Scythe of the Damned
Seraph, Angel of Wealth
Urgok, The Eradicator
Slagarth, Wielder of Cindermaw
Madeline, Queen of Waves
Eldergrowth, Keeper of Secrets
Zara, Desert Goddess
Kesi, Daughter of Winds
Juju Winterspear, Icemaw Chieftain
Aldric Soyhammer, Divine Crusader
Thalas, Void Speaker
Thor, Forger of Lightning
Vorthis, Ender of Epochs
Aethonar, The Great Weaver

Just getting started? (or been away a while?) Here's a Video to help!

If you're new to the family, or maybe you've been away a bit and need a refresher, here is a beginner's guide designed to get any new players up to speed on Champions in under 20 minutes. Enjoy!

https://youtu.be/2VRSWp4mnZA <-------  give it a clicky click!

If you need additional help, hop into our Discord by clicking here, and ask away! There's a large, friendly community both ready and willing to help. 

Aa you know, you can always find a game athttps://championstcg.com

If you're wondering what type of deck seems to be working well right now, check out the blog post below for ideas. Of course, make some changes and make it your own! 


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