Deck Feature: Doon's Delight (Nature + Dark)

It's the beginning of a new era for Champions, one with Heroes and more substantial deck building restrictions.

Now that players are forced to make difficult decisions about what they're allowed to include in their decks, there is a LOT more meta diversity with many styles of deck being possible.

So, with tons of options, where do you start? Well, many players have found the Wide Aegis Nature style, or what I'm calling "Doon's Delight," to be a great starting point.

This deck absolutely slaps, I won 9 games in a row with it immediately upon starting to playtest it.

Here's the list:

Doon's Delight: Day 1 Build

Decklist (text):
2 [187] Digga
2 [189] Grumble
2 [267] Bizniz
2 [280] Brun
2 [317] Vilemoth
2 [507] Earthok
2 [537] Cherri
2 [543] Bog
2 [544] Booger
2 [615] Fungorth
2 [687] Doon
2 [688] Sandoon
2 [710] Sarcopha
2 [716] Bofa Tinkertime
2 [744] Urgok
2 [604] Mewn
2 [432] Pukey
1 [304] Sprout

And here's the basic piloting strategy:

Early Game (Turns 1-3): There are two potential paths for the early game with this deck. Option one is full aggro, playing either the Brun or the Digga on turn 1 and trying to build out the most aggressive board you can as fast as possible.

The alternative is more of a midrange strategy, where you pass on turn one and play a greed creature (Bizness or Pukey) on turn 2 for the double draw from Greed. This sets you up to be able to burst a ton of creatures onto the board in the midgame without completely emptying out your hand.

Either way, you are hoping to get some creatures to stick on the board early either with aegis or with lifebloom (such as a Cherri self-targeting)

Midgame (Turns 4-7): In the midgame, we need to establish a massive board of sticky minions. We do this by setting up huge Elemental Aegis stacks.

Reminder: Elemental Aegis gives one stack of Aegis to the creature for every other creature of the same element on the battlefield when it is played. Aegis = 1 Protection from all damage.

So, if you're able to play an Elemental Aegis creature with 2-3+ other creatures of the same element already in play, it gets a ton of Aegis stacks. Then, since those aegis creatures stay alive a long time, they enable more of your Elemental Aegis creatures to get heavy protection... snowballing out of control.

You can even run Otherworldly to buff your creatures further from there – although I didn't include it in this list, it's worth playing around with.

So your goal is to set up those massive Elemental Aegis stacks on as many of your creatures as possible - Doon, Sandoon, Sacropha, and Earthok. You can also use Digga and Brun as 1-mana enablers to set up more Aegis stacks for the elemental guys.

By building a big board of 5+ creatures, many of which have multiple Aegis stacks, you're making it nearly impossible for the opponent to clear your board or defend themselves.

Late Game (Turns 8+): In the late game, you've hopefully already built up a big board and can switch to an aggressive playstyle, going face as much as possible to get lethal damage.

You don't want the game to go on for too long or your opponent may find a way to either recover the board, or to kill you first. As soon as you establish your strong midgame board, it's time to get the game over with and fast.

Otherwise, you are forced to play defense trying to use your Urgok, Fungorth, and Booger along with Bofa Tinkertime to remove their key creatures, get value, and regain the tempo by taking over the board again. This deck does have comeback potential, so don't be afraid to play on in a tough situation.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this deck and that it inspires you to build some new ideas of your own in the fresh "hero meta" era of ChampionsTCG. Thanks for reading and good luck in the battlefield.

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Jamie Larson