Treguard - The Eternal Warden

Treguard - The Eternal Warden

Champions of Otherworldly Magic - Champion #9


Treguard, the apex of nature's guardians, is a figure of reverence and myth. While Tredier signifies the fierce protector, Treguard embodies the eternal wisdom and ancient power of the forest. Its form, bearing massive leaves that shimmer with a golden hue, is said to be the embodiment of all the forests and woods that have existed since the dawn of time.

Evolving from the formidable Tredier, Treguard has transcended beyond mere strength. It is the sage that has witnessed countless seasons, the warden that stands against any threat, and the guardian whose very aura can rejuvenate the weary land. The tales of old tell of Treguard's might, how it once quelled a raging storm and brought harmony to warring tribes with just a whisper.

With eyes that burn with the intensity of a thousand suns, Treguard is not only the final evolution of Treby but also the pinnacle of nature's glory. Its mere presence is a testament to nature's unparalleled strength and resilience.

Card Details:

  • Edition: First
  • Generation: 1
  • Champion Number: 9
  • Image:
  • Total Quantity: 3
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Name: Treguard
  • Evolutions: Treby -> Tredier -> Treguard
  • Skin: Classic
  • Element: Nature
  • Ability: Guard
    • Description: Channels the ancient power of the forest, creating an impregnable barrier that protects allies and deflects harm.
  • Mana Cost: 5
  • Health: 9
  • Attack: 7

Legends speak of Treguard as the heart of the forest, the guardian that watches over all of nature. Its presence assures that nature will endure, come what may, and that the spirit of the forest will always remain unbroken.

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Jamie Larson