Ability Buff

Ability Buff
  • Hatch: Eggs transform into any random card without an ability when it dies. You do not need to own the card. Eggs can still evolve from cards in your hand that match the element.
  • Provoke: Force ability targeting to target this as well.
  • Guard: Now you can target your Guard cards with abilities, Bless etc. Opponents are still prevented from targeting it.
  • Earthquake: Random 2-3 damage per card.
  • Berserker: Now buffs 4 Attack when damaged.
  • Regrowth: Now buffs your cards for 3 Life on death.
  • Fortify: Card enters the battlefield with additional Life equal to 3 times the number of enemy cards on the field.
  • Windseeker: Draws a card if no Evolution was found in your deck.
  • Retribution: Now deals 4 damage on death to the enemy field.
  • Soul Reaper: +1 Attack and Life the death of another card.
  • Zap: Triggers when it enters the battlefield, in addition to attacking.

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Jamie Larson