"The "PRO Series" Tourney Starts This Weekend With a $2500 Event"!

"The "PRO Series" Tourney Starts This Weekend With a $2500 Event"!

Our first Major Tournament event in the Champions TCG Pro Series kicks off on Saturday, June 29! Day 2, for the remaining 8 players who survive day 1, begins on Sunday (the next morning) June 30!

The top 64 players from the Pro Points leaderboard have earned an invite to this event. If you've not fought your way into the top 64, you can still come and watch the event in the game app, or listen to any of a group of streamers who will cover the event LIVE!  (hop over to Discord for exact details)

This is only the first of more upcoming major events planned, and as time moves on, "Champs TCG" is poised to become a household name in the TCG genre. Of course, we have a $500 event every weekend where anyone is free to enter and play.

We start our journey to the "big boy pants" events by gaining points on the weekends. Points gained from the weekend events are added to a leaderboard to qualify for these majors... 

The pro points leaderboard can be seen at the link below. The snapshot for this weekend event is in the second tab on the bottom: 


With practice and time, any of us can potentially find ourselves climbing the ranks and earning the big bux!

We have FIVE more days until the season ends!

On the heels of the major tournament mentioned above, just as important is that the June Leaderboard Season will be ending Sunday!  You may have read our announcement a couple of weeks ago sharing that our seasons now last for the duration of each calendar month. This is a big change, considering each season used to last up to 3 months. 

This changes the competition and strategy greatly, and the JUNE season is coming to an end! This gives us 5 days to see where we are on the leaderboard and make that final PUSH. Of course, the rewards for the top 100-200 players are incredible!

Another benefit of one season ending is another beginning! If you don't like where you finish this month, no worries! We all get to start over new on the first of the month and give it another go!

Above shows the top 10 as of Wednesday! Good luck in this final push!

In the last few weeks we've multiplied the number of games being played many times over, and have seen over 800 new players join the ranks since going to IMX!

Did you catch yesterday's live Town Hall & AMA? If not, here it is:https://youtu.be/m6ztpXXR018

Learn about the tourney, upcoming changes to the elements, HEROES being added to the game, a new generation of cards being released, and much more!

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Jamie Larson