6/22/24 Weekend Wrap Up

Format: Standard - Owned Cards

Final Standings:

1st) $doubletheb
2nd) $jayson03
3rd) $bossmtg
4th) $ayc
5-8) $yohanz25, $lvsantos, $nandomarins, $jhumie


Most Popular Cards in top 8:

Each player had a 2/1 split of Strawbash / Berricane
Fuku: 16
Vilemoth: 16
Bofa Tinkertime: 16
Mewn: 16
Fungorth: 15
Vilegrub: 14
Cyclonious: 14
Timberfawn: 14
Booger: 14
Vroom: 12

Observations about the top decks:

DoubleB's deck has 11 1 drops. 5 eggs, 2 earthocks, 2 Fukus and 2 Vrooms. It is the most 1 drop heavy deck in the top 8 by far. Interestingly, DoubleB did not play Frosty.

For the 3rd week in a row, Earthock won the tournament despite a small few players actually including the deck in their list. Players are undoubtedly sleeping on Earthock, and it is likely we see Earthocks popularity increase.

DoubleB was the only player in top 8 to use Urgok.

DoubleB only has 6 cards that cost more than 6 mana.

DoubleB's list shows how powerful having access to cheap tools can be. His list is filled with not only a bunch of cheap cards, but also a strong package of eggs and evolutions to enable consistent card draw.

I would like to quickly highlight how powerful having early cards are in the current format. simply being able to put in a 1/1 vroom, or 0/1 egg in play can make Quantum shift very awkward, which is premium in a format where all 8 players brought both 2 copies of Fuku and Mewn.

Additionally, having a small cheap body in play is incredibly useful for pressuring the white lily in the first few turns of the game. This is massive in the current format, as White Lily being in play can also shut down these quantum shift cards.

Obviously, these quantum shift cards have a bit of a spotlight on them right now, and you need to be prepared to deal with them if you want to make it in the current format.

Author: Szerro

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Jamie Larson