How to bridge and use IMX ZKEVM

If you are trying to get Champions TCG cards on IMX ZKEVM and are unfamiliar with the process, this guide should tell you everything you need to know to get started.

1) Create an Immutable X Passport 2) Get funds onto your IMX Passport.
There are 2 ways to do this.
A. You can buy coins directly through the passport
B. You can bridge L1 Eth funds to ZKEVM through Metamask or other browser wallets.

2A) Buying coins Directly -  Go to your IMX Passport and select Add Funds. Select buy and follow the prompts

After following these steps your funds should be good to go after a few minutes.

2B) Bridging funds from ETH L1 - Select Add Funds again, but this time, select bridge afterwards.

We recommend bridging with the Axelar option. Connect the web3 wallet you wish to use, and bridge over the desired amount of tokens. There will be a gas fee to bridge.

*Once the TXN is successful and your tokens are bridged, please wait 30~ minutes for your funds to arrive in your IMX Passport.

How to buy packs in game and on Token Trove 1) Buy in game using IMX Passport

1a) Head to the shop at the top of the page and find the pack you want to buy.

1b) When buying you are given the option to buy with or without Gems. Select without gems to make a purchase with your IMX Passport.

1c) Follow the prompts through your passport. If you used the above steps to purchase coins, make sure to use those coins for your payment.

2) Buy packs on Token Trove

2a) head to

2B) Connect your IMX passport, ensure it is loaded with funds.

2C) Find the card you want and have at it! If you get an error, try disconnecting your wallet, refreshing the page with shift + f5, and reconnect your wallet.

If you have any issues, ask some mods for help on the Champions TCG Discord:

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Jamie Larson