ChampionsTCG: Game Format & Rules 101

If you're just starting champions TCG for the first time, and you come from other TCG’s, the game may already feel familiar to you. That said, there may be some basic rules you want some clarity on. This guide should cover all of the basic information you might need to get started in Champions TCG on the right foot.

Deck Construction: Decks are 35 cards total. You may not have more than 2 copies of any card in your deck.

Starting a game: Both players will draw 5 cards and then be given the option to mulligan their hand.

Go First vs Go Second: The player who goes first will not draw on their first turn. The player who goes second will draw a card, and start the game with the white lily in their hand.

Deck Out:  When a player runs out of cards in deck, they take 5*X damage, where X = the number of times a player drew without cards in deck.

Evolution: Many cards in Champions have an Evolution line. For example, Boopasnoot, Woofa, and Gnarler.  

If a unit that has an evolution can stay in play for 1 turn, you can play the evolution unit from hand, on top of the unit you are trying to evolve. You need 1 mana to evolve a unit, and you draw a card every time you evolve from hand. (A unit that can evolve will have a green glow to it)

It's worth mentioning Eggs. Eggs can evolve into ANY card of the same element, and it still only costs 1 mana to do.

Elements: There are 12 Elements in Champions. Each element has its own unique playstyle, and access to certain types of effects.

Normal, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Light, Dark, Death, Lightning, Nature, Ice, Cosmic.

Keywords: In Champions TCG all card effects are keywords. A list of all keywords in the game can be found here.

Here's a few of the most common keywords to be aware of:

Provoke - Force the enemy to attack and target this card (similar to Frontline/Taunt from other games)
Rush - Can attack as soon as its summoned
Greed - Draw 1 card. If you have no cards on the field, draw 2.
Aegis - Immune to all damage, breaks the first time any damage is taken.
Hydroblast - Deals 7 damage to any card with 7 or more HP.
Shatter - On death, summons 2 icecoobs. Icecoobs: 2/2 Provoke
Soul Reaper - When ANY other card dies, this card's Attack and HP increases by 1.
Raise Dead - Lose 6 life then ressurect the top card on your Graveyard.
Quantum Shift - Swap this card with the lowest HP card on your opponent's battlefield.

Some extra info on gameplay in ChampionsTCG.

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Jamie Larson