Hero Patch Weekend Wrap-up

We have had a crazy past 2 weeks in Champions TCG. First we had the Seasonal Championship, won by DoubleTheB.

Let it be known, this is the 4th week in a row where Earthok saw limited use in top 8, but managed to win the tournament.

The tournament was immediately followed up by the Hero Patch, which completely shook up the metagame. Many Elements were combined into one.

Normal + Cosmic = Normal
Water + Ice = Water
Dark + Death = Dark
Nature + Earth = Nature
Air + Lightning = Air

The total number of elements have dropped from 12 down to 7.

In addition to elements being streamlines, the introduction of heros now make it so most decks are comprised of 3 elements, normal + 2 others.

Though normally in these weekend wrap ups I like to talk about the most recent top 8 decks, this week I have gathered a bunch of decklists from top players. We will return to regular top 8 coverage next week.

Bosslevs - Dark Nature
Szerro - Otherworldly normal: Ice Air

Currently Dark and Nature seem to be the strongest elements, with Air just barely behind them. It seems like other elements are struggling to break into the format, though Water has been showing up a little bit, largely thanks to the Kryos evolution line.

I will keep an eye out in the weeks to come to see if any other interesting decklists surface, and if they do I will be sure to highlight them. I personally think that Fire is being undervalued, and that there could potentially be a powerful supercharge decklist that may pop up.

I would also like to highlight Normal once more, as I think it is the biggest winner from this update. Normal had its card pool mixed with cosmic. This means Cosmic cards are now Normal, and are impacted by Elemental guard, Elemental Aegis, and Otherworldly. I believe a strategy that revolves around largely normal cards, supplemented by a few core cards from any element may be a powerful strategy moving forward, and we may see the "normal" archetype develop over the coming weeks.

Author: Szerro

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Jamie Larson